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Glen Campbell

A screen capture from the movie trailer. To see the video, click on the image.

Bring your tissues with you when you watch this wonderful documentary. Some of those tears do come from laughter. Besides being a musical genius, Glen Campbell also has a great sense of humor. His Dad "thought we was so bright, he called him son." Alzheimer's is claiming the life of this great man and talent. It was very amazing to see he needed a teleprompter for the lyrics, but he did not forget how to sing or play the guitar. So many of use grew up on his music. His TV show was on those my family watched. His songs include Gentle on my Mind, Galveston, By the Time I Get to Phoenix, and Wichita Lineman. Some of them are goosebump worthy. We can thank the Smothers Brothers for giving him his "big break" on TV.

Glen, Tommy and Dicky

Somehow the things people know so well, or that are so ingrained in the brain, are the last to go - no matter the disease. Music seems to even last longer and Glen is proof. At times I was reminded of my Mom by what was happening to this artist - what he was saying or doing. She would have enjoyed the film. Alzheimer's is different for everyone because we are all different. Thankfully, so many were able to see his farewell tour; and thankfully some people thought it was worth filming. I know it was worth my time to watch, laugh and weep.

Look for a screening in your area.

Deckers Trip via Sedalia

Another view of Pikes Peak. This one is from the north looking south towards Woodland Park.

In a strange case of the silver lined cloud, Joe Foulks, my brother and Cyndi come to visit me about once per month. The latest trip included a short visit to the mountains. We stopped by Deckers, Colorado and the headwaters of the South Platte River. Though it was February, the weather was fantastic. We had lunch in Deckers outside on the deck! Then it was a trip down memory lane which in this case was Highway 24 to Manitou, Colorado Springs and back to Denver.

February 13 - Finally an update!

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods from the visitor center. A view Foulks family members from Colorado Springs took for granted.

Welcome to the new Foulks Family web site. The format is somewhat timeline-based. It should look a little like other popular sites around the internet. Old stories, and I do mean old, will be posted so we can all look back. I will be posting new stories as they happen, or soon thereafter. Also, since Thom Foulks, Sr. is my Dad, I will be posting some editorial comments.

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